Rapid Response EMS takes pride in the quality of equipment we provide at each event. We’ve taken the time to ensure that our equipment is manufactured by the top brands in the industry so that we can have confidence in the products when we need them to perform. Given that only regional ambulance services can transport patients, our team kits are equipped with top of the line products from trusted brands in the industry, giving them the tools to ensure you have a safe and efficient event.

Trauma Bag
trauma bag

Our trauma bags were designed to handle the majority of first aid situations with top of the line products designed to handle anaphylaxis, burns, broken bones, cuts, and major trauma injuries.

Oxygen Bag
oxygen bag

Our oxygen bags come complete with all of the essential equipment required to handle any situation where oxygen is needed and includes a bag valve mask, blood pressure cuff, manual suction, and pulse oximetry to name a few.

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
Automatic External Defibrillator

With so many AEDs on the market we took our time selecting the best AED on the market, knowing that every second counts during a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 is considered to be the top AED in the industry and we make sure that at every event there is a minimum 1 AED available.

Collar Bag
rapid response logo

We also provide head immobilization collars for any suspected head or neck injuries.


As much as backboards can be used as a immobilization device, the main reason we include them as part of our kits is due to the difficulty of navigating through large crowds where a stretcher or vehicle access is nearly impossible. The backboard gives us the ability to transport the patient safely out of the crowd or to a waiting ambulance if necessary.

10′ x 10′ Tent & 17′ High Flag

Depending on your needs, we can also provide branded Rapid Response EMS First Aid stations and/or flags. These tents help provide shade or shelter depending on the weather when providing patient care. Being able to provide shelter can significantly increase the care the patients are receiving. Our first aid station flags help guests to easily find where we are located from a distance when they are looking for medical assistance.


Based on the size of your event we can also provide our radios which make it easier for our medics to stay in contact at all times. Our open communication at events with multiple crews is vital and makes sure that each crew can communicate with each other to determine who is closer to any medical emergency that arises or even ask for additional support depending on the situation.

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